• 1.How to paint in watercolor?

You should know basical painting, have a sensibility to colors, you can imitate the good works and practise more.

  • 2.Can you teach me how to paint in watercolor?

Sorry, I can’t teach you how to do it, I suggest you start from the very beginning of painting.


  • 3. How to creat a wonderful picture?

I can’t describe in words how I creat one, I get inspirations from many things, like a film, a song, a fairy tale or a photo. in fact, most of time, I can’t express my thought completely.

  • 4.How long did it take to finish a picture?

The inspiration comes suddenly, when it knocks, I’ll try to note it down. As to the time of coloring, it depends on the degree of difficulty of the picture, from several hours to a whole day. Of course, during the time I will take a rest (like playing games or taking a nap, etc.).

  • 5.What’s the brand of the painting papers?

Mostly Canson drawing papers.

  • 6.What’s the brand of the watercolor?

Right now, I use mostly Shinhan(Made in Korea) Sakura(Made in Japan),Venezia(Made in Italy),Liquid Water colors:ECOLINK(Made in Hallan).

  • 7. Can you draw illustrations for my novel?

Sorry, generally I don’t  take personal request.

  • 8. Do you take request from abroad?

For the moment, I can’t take request from international publishing organisations, I think if there is an agent who speaks Chinese and has a good reputation, I’ll discuss with him about the request then.

  • 9.Do you draw manga?

I don’t draw manga. Most of my original works are colorful illustrations of stories(no novel), I prefer the subject of teenager in school, as well as the subjects of fantasies and fairy tales, as to the the BL subject, I can accept the gentle and light taste. Of course, the novel should be written in Chinese. Right now I’m trying to draw a “picture story”.

  • 10.Where can I see the novels with illustrations?

The novels own to different authors, right now their novels are only written in Chinese, and published in China.

  • 11.How to buy your artbooks?

Right now, my artbooks are only published in China. Friends abroad can contact with my good friend Melody and buy them on Deviantart.